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19th November 19
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The pupil premium provides additional funding for disadvantaged pupils to ensure they benefit from the same opportunities as other pupils. The premium helps target money so that more can be done to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds that are still not doing as well at school as they could or should do.


Financial Year


2016 - 2017



The Pupil Premium is used to support children through staffing, training and resources; to aid targeted intervention plans and also creative projects, extending learning beyond the classroom.

Some pupils who are supported through the Pupil Premium may also have other barriers to their learning; e.g. Specific learning difficulties, external factors affecting well-being, low self- esteem, anxiety, physical factors affecting development, levels of concentration and resilience.

Staff led initiatives include:  Maths Recovery; Reading Intervention; Structured Spelling Programmes; Time to Talk; Happy To Be Me; 1:1 subject support and Booster Classes.

Creative projects include: Theatre Experience in School; Young Voices Choir in Manchester; Little Big Sing in Penrith.

The fund allows for the subsidising of Educational Vists to Theatres, Farms, Museums and Libraries, supporting the pupils to extend their learning.