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20th July 19
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March 2018

Mother's Day cards

February 2018

Snow, snow, snow!!!

January 2018

Learning different woodland stories; Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, The Gruffalo and Owl Babies. Playing in the ice, measuring magic beans and beanstalks.  

December 2017

Making Christmas pictures and cards; decorating the tree; playing in the snow tray; getting ready for our Nativity by learning lines and songs and taking part in a whole school house day for Advent. 

November 2017

Holding Class 2's chicks, making Remembrance Day poppies, rainy playtimes and our class assembly.

October 2017

September in Class 1

We have had a wonderful start to the term.

We are so proud of how our new Reception children have settled in.

Key Stage 1 visit to Carlisle Castle


Class 1 and Class 2 visited Carlisle Castle today.  We had great fun walking around the ramparts and seeing the big cannons.  We pretended we were prisoners in the dungeons and found out that the prisoners used to lick the walls to quench their thirst. 

We had a lovely lunch in the castle grounds, where the sun shone beautifully for us.

Finally, we went to Bitts Park and enjoyed the rides and a walk around the grounds.

What a fabulous day! 

Visit by Dog's Trust


We enjoyed a visit by Angela from the Dog's Trust yesterday.  She taught us about the work of the charity and how to react around stray dogs.  

Theo searched for a microchip in the dog that she brought.  Anna showed us how to 'scoop that poop' and Paige had a go at training the dog with treats.

It was a great session.  We also received a certificate, leaflet and a bone pen.  

Friendship Assembly


Class 1 had their assembly on Thursday afternoon.  As part of our RE lessons, we had been thinking about 'friendship' and how to be a good friend.  

The children had painted a massive banner with the word friendship on and also made friendship bracelets.

Jake and Justin read out their friendship recipes, whilst Layla and Angelina stirred the mixture.  We produced an amazing pie.

We also sang the song 'Come and join the circle' by Bernadette Farrell.  

It was a lovely assembly attended by lots of parents!

Key Stage 1 - May Procession for Mary


Key Stage 1 had their annual ‘May Procession for Mary’ yesterday.  First, they sang a beautiful song ‘Every Journey’ in the hall and then carried out a short colouring activity accompanied by parents.  We then walked down to the church garden in a long procession and laid flowers at Our Lady Mary’s statue.  Prayers for Mary were said with Father Jerome.  It was a lovely afternoon!



We have been learning about the Holy Spirit coming among the people with tongues of fire.

Our wind mills and flags, blowing in the wind, remind us the Holy Spirit is always with us.



May Day Crowns


Look at our amazing crowns that we made for the May day procession in Penrith.

Easter Fun!


On the last day of term we had an Easter egg hunt in the yard.  The children had to find a plastic egg and then swap it for a chocolate lolly. 

What great team work!

Poetry and Nursery Rhyme Characters!


Look at our amazing costumes for 'Poetry Week'.



The Reception children have been practising telling the time - o'clock.  Some of the children are also telling half-past times.  Wow!

'That Poetry Bloke' Craig Bradley


We enjoyed a visit from Craig Bradley, 'That Poetry Bloke' this morning.  He was great fun making up rhymes and poetry.  We laughed so much when he played his guitar!

Aurora Borealis


As part of our Arctic topic, we watched clips and saw photographs of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) this week.

The different colours and patterns they make in the sky are amazing.

We made our own northern lights in paint.  

What fun and mess we made!

Snow Day!


We enjoyed getting out in the snow this week.  It was great fun to skid about, make snow angels and hold ice in our hand for as long as we could.

It also fit in with our topic about the Arctic!


Action Ants


The Reception children have been enjoying 'Action Ants' after school each Wednesday.

Fundamentals (PE)


The Reception children have been enjoying PE sessions with Mrs Cousin from Eden Sports Partnership each Wednesday.

Christmas Jumper Day


We had a great day wearing our Christmas jumpers!

December 12th 2016

Year 6 came to visit with their stories based on the TV advert 'Buster The Boxer.' Year 6 wrote their stories especially for Class 1. What a lovely time they had sharing them. Well Done Year 6!

Ho, Ho, Ho!


Santa visited Key Stage 1 on Monday 12th.  He chatted about how busy he was on the run up to Christmas.  All the children received a book or a craft kit.

We had lots of fun!

Class 1 Nativity - 'The True Meaning of Christmas'


Class 1 gave two amazing performances of their nativity 'The True Meaning of Christmas.' They sang and performed beautifully.

The Year 1 children joined with Class 2 children and did two performances of 'Born in a Barn'  What fabulous acting and singing!

Great effort!

3D Shapes Everywhere!


We have been learning about 3D shapes this week. We went on a shape hunt around the playground.  

What a lot of shapes we found.

Visit to Meeting House Lane Nativity


We enjoyed a visit to see Meeting House Lane's nativity this week.  

Class 1 were amazing ambassadors for St Catherine's school.

Remembrance Activities


We learned about the significance of the poppy this week during our remembrance activities.  Lots of children in Class 1 brought in money to purchase poppies and other poppy related products.

We made a beautiful field of painted red poppies.  We also observed the minute silence at 11am on the 11th November.

Fireworks, fireworks everywhere!


On Friday we found out about Guy Fawkes' plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament on 5th November, 1605.  

We made amazing, bright firework pictures using shredded cardboard tubes to stamp the pattern on. In Golden Time, we iced our own biscuit like a firework.  They were yummy!

What fun!

Poetry with Miss Ashby


We had a great time with Miss Ashby on Friday. She helped us to write our own poetry based on the poem "Ten things found in a Wizard's Pocket"

It was great fun coming up with our own individual lines for the poem using amazing adjectives.

We performed the poem in a parents assembly later in the day.

Visit to Church


We popped in to church on Wednesday for a look around and to practise being quiet for when we go to services.  We played 'I spy' and had to spot things like the altar, Holy Bible, stained glass windows, candle, font, lectern, pews etc.

It was a really pleasant afternoon!

Ordering Numbers


We have been practising trying to order numbers this week.  We went on to the yard and organised ourselves with a hot air balloon number.  It's a little tricky when we are dealing with double digits.

We also practised writing the letters with chalk on the playground.  

Making Constellations


We have been learning about constellations in our topic work.  We found out that a constellation is a group of stars that make an imaginary shape in the night sky.  

We went onto the yard and made our own constellations with skipping ropes and we were the stars.

Can you spot our shapes?

Meeting our Buddy Assembly


Class 1 new Reception children were paired up with an older child from Class 4 on Friday in a special ‘buddy’ assembly.

The children were given a lovely superhero teddy bear in their house colours and a beautiful prayer card from their buddy.

Their older friend will look after them in school and in the playground.

It was lovely to see so many new parents join us for this happy celebration!

Library van visit


We enjoyed a visit to the library van today.  We chose some lovely stories and books on space for our topic.



This week we welcomed our new Reception cohort into Class 1.  We had a lovely relaxed week getting to know each other.  Some of the things we did were - 

Played getting to know each other games

Got used to the daily routines

Worked in the challenge areas of the classroom

Made our own classroom rules

We painted our portraits and wrote a speech bubble for our name

We did some ‘careful’ counting

We recapped some of our phonics

We got used to having our lunch in the hall

We have started to make friends in the big playground

All in all a brilliant start to Reception!

Next week Reception will be in school full time!


Tractor Visit


On Friday, the children had an exciting afternoon on the school field finding out about tractors as part of their farming topic.

Lloyds Tractors kindly brought a blue New Holland tractor for the children to look at, sketch and have photographs taken with.

Fred from the Herald newspaper even came for a visit to take photographs!

What fun!




On Wednesday, Class 1 had an enjoyable afternoon in church with Father Jerome acting out at Baptism ceremony.  We had chosen a doll to be the baby and decided as a class that she would be baptised Gabriella.  She was dressed in a special baptism gown belonging to Mrs Hill's daughter Martha.  Gracie acted as the mother, Joel as the father.  Godparents were Sydney, Scarlett, Kevin and Benjamin. The rest of the class were the congregation.

Father Jerome acted out a proper ceremony around the font. We found out the importance of welcoming a new person into the church family. It was a really special occasion and all the children wore their 'Sunday best' clothes.

Afterwards in class we had a baptism tea of cakes and juice and raised a toast to the newly baptised Gabriella.  

We had lots of fun and learned lots of facts!


Great Trip to Walby!


Key Stage 1 enjoyed a great day out at Walby Farm Park.  We fed lambs, collected eggs and learned about how cows get milked.  We found it hilarious when the pole cats were racing in the tubes.  We also enjoyed watching the goat race.  

What fun we had in the play barn and outside on the diggers and tractors.  A great day was had by all!

Catching Rain!


We spent a good part of the afternoon out in the rain today.  We took buckets, pans and containers to catch water in.

We realised that to catch more rain we had to stand under a tree when the wind blew.

We got wet but as the saying goes "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!"

What fun!

Armed Forces Day in school


Oscar and Charlotte came to school in their Rainbows and Beavers uniform today for Armed Services day.

They both talked to the class about the kinds of things that they do at their respective clubs and then showed us how to do their promises.

They both looked extremely smart!

Dance with Razzamataz!


All of Class 1 today enjoyed a session of dance with Lauren from Razzamataz.  We danced to all kinds of songs, slow, fast, upbeat.

It is was exhausting and fun! 

Queen Elizabeth II Birthday Celebrations!


What fun we had today! We found out a lot about the Queen's official birthday in Class 3's assembly.

In Class 1, we designed a birthday cake for the Queen.  We also coloured amazing crowns for the Queen.  We found it hilarious when we had to design a pair of Royal 'knickers' for Queen Elizabeth. 

We also played 'pin the tail on the Corgi dog'.  Miss Baird even had a go.  She pinned her tail on the dog's nose!

Afterwards, we went into the outside area and had a tea-party.  Mrs Jones had supplied 'royal buns' and juice and put the bunting up.

We then waved our Union Jack flags.  

What a busy, busy day!



On Thursday we enjoyed a dinosaur day to finish off our topic.  Our activities included repeating patterns of dinosaurs in the paint, threading dinosaurs, counting dinosaurs and an amazing treasure hunt in the playground to look for hidden dinosaurs.

We also had 'swamp punch' to drink and 'fossils to eat'.  Our last activity was to try and get a dinosaur out of its frozen state. It certainly took some doing.

Mrs Jones' most recent puppet is a T-Rex, which we found out means 'King of the Lizards or Tyrant Lizard'.  He is scary!

What fun we had! 

Dinosaurs - ROAR!


We found out about how fossils are made this week in our dinosaur topic work!  We have been working in our 'paleontologist' dig home corner and in the sand tray to unearth ancient fossils.

We even made our own large fossils on the carpet area.


Dinosaur Eggs!


Today we posed for a photograph for our dinosaur eggs.  We had to be scary like a carnivore or placid like a herbivore.  The photograph is going to be put in our egg as it hatches.

Have a look in our cloakroom area to see them on display!

Mary Procession


Key Stage 1 had a lovely afternoon celebrating 'Our Lady Mary' in a May procession.  Their rendition of the song All things Bright and Beautiful was super.

Each child wore their own decorative crown and carried a flower. The procession made its way around into the church garden where the flowers were laid at Mary's altar.

It was lovely to see so many parents and grand-parents enjoying the sunshine and activities.

Visit to the Salvation Army Charity Shop


Year of Mercy - Clothe the Naked

Class 1 visited Donna and Jacob at the Salvation Army Charity Shop in Penrith this week.  We each took down an item of our own clothing that no longer fits us. Donna told us all about how the charity shop works. We had a great time pricing up our own clothing.  We even had a drink and a biscuit.

Donna showed us where to hang up our clothing in the shop, which is going to sell for 99p.

Thanks to our lovely parent helpers.  We had a great time!


Water, water everywhere!


We have enjoyed a week learning about 'capacity'  The children have enjoyed using different containers to measure water and sand. We have looked at the different vocabulary involved in capacity.

We even measured Goldilocks and the Three Bears bowls to see how many cups they held . We did a little bit of data handling and then worked out the difference between the most and the least bowls. Poor Baby Bear's bowl only held 2 cups of water!

Match the punctuation - ! ? .


We have been looking at exclamation marks, question marks and full stops this week. We have talked about where they go in different sentences and tried to match the sentence to the punctuation mark.


Show and Tell


We enjoyed a week of show and tell sessions.  There were lots of different dinosaur artefacts brought in.  It was lovely to hear about lots of different things that the children are interested in.

Dance with Razzamataz


Year 1 have been enjoying their dance lessons with Lauren from Razzamataz each Wednesday afternoon.

Easter Egg Hunt


On the last day of term we had an Easter egg hunt in the playground.  Miss Baird hid the eggs and we had a good run round to find them all.  We were rewarded with a chocolate coin from Mrs Jones.  

It was great fun!

PE lessons with Andrew - Spring term


We have been enjoying our PE lessons with Andrew each Friday morning.  We found out that in sport 'ABC' stands for agility, balance and co-ordination.

We enjoyed the challenges and had lots of fun!

Superheroes, Superheroes everywhere!


What an exciting superhero writer's week we had!  Our literacy included writing superhero profiles.  We chose our own superhero name and what powers we would have if we were a superhero.  We also looked at comic strips and found out that the story is told through pictures and speech bubbles.

There were lots of activities in the classroom which included; an amazing superhero home corner with clothes to dress up in, ordering superhero numbers, superhero playdough challenges, spot the superhero logo.  We even had tricky words that we had to spy through magnifying glasses.

On Friday we had an amazing assembly in the hall and shared work with parents and friends.  We all dressed up as individual superheroes. We also enjoyed learning superhero songs. 

What a busy week! 

Ash Wednesday - Haydock Centre


On Wednesday 10th February, we enjoyed an Ash Wednesday ceremony at the Haydock Centre.  Father Jerome explained about the burning of the ashes. He gave each child a blessing by placing the sign of the cross on the back of their hand with the ashes.  The children then completed an art activity with the parents who attended.

It was a really pleasant afternoon!

Chinese New Year


Class 1 enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year today.  They toured around the school in their house groups doing lots of activities.  They found out about the Chinese Zodiac animal story, wrote their name in Chinese and tasted some Chinese food (to name a few activities).

Check out the gorgeous display in the school hall!

Shrove Tuesday


What fun we had making pancakes this week! We made sure we weighed our ingredients carefully and remembered the steps we took to make them.  

The reception children then wrote down independently what toppings they would put on their 'perfect pancake'.  The Year 1 children wrote instructions using bossy verbs.

Class 1 love following 'bossy' instructions!

What can we weigh?


This week we have enjoyed weighing activities in our maths lessons.  We have weighed different fruits and vegetables and also different things around the classroom.  

What time is it Mr Wolf?


Our maths sessions this week have focussed on time.  We have learned how to tell o'clock times and some of us are starting to understand half past times.  

We have used small clocks to make different times, played on the interactive whiteboard clock and also made paper watches.




This week we have been learning about money in our maths sessions.  We have been looking at the value of each British coin and realised that some of the smaller sized coins actually hold more value.

We have sequenced the value of the coins.  Mrs Jones was the shopkeeper and children had to buy different toys from her.  Some children even managed to combine coins to make different amounts.

Coins are quite tricky!

A Fairy Tale Kingdom


Our topic this half term is 'A Fairy Tale Kingdom'.  We will be looking at traditional stories and fairy stories.

Over the last week we have focussed on Little Red Riding Hood.  The children have enjoyed dressing up as the different roles (especially the Wolf).  They have also sequenced the story, written about the different characters using adjectives and carried out different art activities.

We even packed a healthy basket of goodies for Grandma!

Year of Mercy


Over the last two weeks, we have been finding out about the 'Year of Mercy' which is an important event in the Catholic calendar.

We discussed how we could comfort the sick.  As a class, we decided that people in hospital or suffering at home would rather visitors came to spend time with them, rather than buying lots of expensive gifts.

We made get well cards of different designs.

We even talked about our efforts in assembly on Friday 22nd January, 2016.

Our display in the hall is so bright and colourful!

Visit by Santa Claus :  file (1526.2k)

On Wednesday 16th December Class 1 were visited by Santa Claus. It was lovely to say hello and tell him about our Christmas plans. He brought each child a marvellous activity book. We all enjoyed his visit!

Christmas Jumper Day


We enjoyed wearing our Christmas jumpers today 10.12.15. We also had a delicious Christmas dinner.

Ordering numbers to 10 and beyond


We have been practising ordering numbers to 10 and beyond.

'Emergency' :  file (13.4k)

On 20th October, 2015 the Police came to St Catherine's school.  KS1 children were thrilled as they are learning about the emergency services as part of their topic.  Dog Handler, PC James Akam, did an impressive display with his dogs Zander and Skye.  PCSO's Natalie Latham, Danielle Dixon and Stewart Glendinning also showed us some equipment/uniform that they use, a Police van and how they fingerprint people who have dealings with the Police.

We had a great day and thank them so much for such an interesting visit to our school!

Key Stage 1 Disco


Key Stage 1 children enjoyed a disco in the school hall.  They did lots of dancing with Mrs Jones, Mrs Reay and Miss Campbell.

The pass the parcel was good fun!

Class 1 Buddy Assembly


On Friday 18th September, Class 1 new reception children had a special assembly to meet their buddy from Class 4. 

The buddies gave out little teddies to the Class 1 children, which they had named for them.

It was really nice to see so many parents enjoying this special occasion!

Peter Pan - Writer's Week


During writer's week we focussed on Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie.  First, we wrote captions to describe Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.  We also described our own 'fantasy' lands similar to Neverland in Peter Pan.  We even wrote the character's names on gold coins.

Other activities included; dressing up as the characters to play act their roles, using play dough mats to make up the characters, making hooks in the come and make and even drawing our own treasure maps.

What a busy week we had!


Mrs Jones, Miss Rudd and Miss Baird

We're Going on a Bear Hunt


Class 1 children enjoyed a Teddy Bear's picnic to finish their recent topic of woodlands and forests.  We started off by enjoying a picnic with our bears in the classroom.  Next we played instruments to the actions of the bear hunt.

Finally we took our binoculars on the bear hunt.  We found the bear hiding in the nature hide.  He just wanted to be our friend.  What fun we had!


Fruit Kebabs

We had great fun making fruit kebabs using repeating patterns. 

Circus Skills Workshop

To end our circus topic Class 1 and 2 had an afternoon of learning circus skills. We had a go at juggling, plate spinning, walking on stilis and lots more !

Friday 17th October - Buddy Assembly

We had a special buddy assembly where all of the Reception children were paired with a buddy from class 4. The buddies had made their special friend a card introducing themselves and gave them a teddy. The Reception children love their buddies !

Fun in our outdoor area


We have tadpoles in Class 1.

We are enjoying taking care of them and watching them grow and change.

Key Stage 1 trip to Hawse End 

Teddy Bears Picnic 

Writer's Week - Monday 3rd - Friday 7th  March

We couldnt' believe a monster came to our school !

Happy Valentines Day !

We have made Valentines Day biscuits for our families.

On Monday 16th December Class 1 had a special visitor ....

Class 1 trip to the Library

On Wednesday 13th November we went to visit the library.

Sara who works at the library read us some stories and we sang some songs.

Then we looked at the books and some of us picked some to borrow.

In RE we are learning about The Creation Story. We have made this lovely display for the hall.


We are really enjoying doing gymnastics with Mrs Heron every Wednesday.

Outdoor Learning

We are having lots of fun with our new outdoor resources !

    Music in Class 1 is such fun!