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20th July 19
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Wednesday 7th March 2017


Pointed toes and fingers..

In gymnastics today the children really enjoyed exploring different ways to travel towards and on their apparatus. 

We tried very hard to extend our balancing-positions with pointed fingers and toes!

Snow Day Tuesday 6th February 2018


The children of St. Catherines enjoyed playing in the snow today.... they even found the time to build a snowman! 

Special People


In RE, Year 1 have been learning about special people.

We were visited by a special helper from our Church, Mr Edwards.

He helps Father in church and talked to us about what he does. He also answered our  questions.

We had a lovely time!

Tuesday 15th November 2017

Class 2 becomes a veterinary surgery!

Class 2 were very excited to discover that they had their very own veterinary practice.

Today the children enjoyed taking the roles of, receptionist, vet, vet's assistant and x-ray practitioner. Class 2 have several poorly animals who needed to stay in the kennels until they were able to receive and x-ray and surgery time!

The children carefully allocated appointment times, pet name tags and recovery instructions... without forgetting to give the clients a bill!

We have many future vets in class 2....

Friday 10th November 2017

8 Cheepy chicks

Today Class 2 have been enjoying looking after their chicks. The constant cheeping of the fluffy chicks is now a background sound to most lessons!

To help Miss. Elliott to care for the chicks over the weekend the children wrote instructions for her to take home! 

Miss. Campbell even made sure the chicks were lovely and clean for the weekend by bathing them in Class 2's sink! 

Thursday 9th November 2017

Another arrival... chick no.8!

What a lovely surprise it was this morning to find chick no. 8 had hatched in the incubator over night. It was very happy cuddling up to chick no. 7!

Today the children enjoyed handling the chicks in addition to...

Maths - In numbers, the year one children practised their number bonds using the chicks!

Science - Class 2 couldn't believe how much the chicks had changed and wanted to measure the growth... The children discovered that the chicks would definitely not be able to fit back into their tiny, fragile shells.

The children predicted that "the older the chick the larger it would be". They also discussed how to keep the test fair! Even though the chicks wriggled and flapped the children were able to use multi-link blocks to measure the height of the chicks!

(Class 2 even had time to build a mini-coop on the carpet for 'chicken run' time!)

Chicks Adventure!

Class 2's chicks visited Miss. Elliotts house for the evening....don't worry they even wore a seat-belt in the car!


 Wednesday 8th November 2017

Today is the day..!

7:30am - Miss. Elliott was first to arrive at school and what an arrival it was... 

Greeting her, tucked-up closely-together, in the incubator, huddled above the rest of the eggs, wasn't one, nor two, but... three tiny chicks!

What a beautiful sight!

During the night, two of the eggs had hatched. In the early hours of the morning the third egg had made its sleepy appearance into the world! Two of the chicks looked fluffy and lively, the third chick was still wakening.

Miss. Monaghan and Miss. Elliott moved the two fluffy chicks into their coop, where they cuddled under the comfort heater. The third chick stayed in the heat of the incubator until it became more fluffy and awake!

The excitement didn't end there.... 

9:05am - Just as Class 2's children had entered their class ready for registration... another egg began to hatch! Everyone stood quietly trying to contain their excitement as they watched the little chick hatching. Perfect timing(Although this did mean the maths lessons started a little bit late!)


The excitment continued.....

9:55 - Just before phonics, Kevin carefully spotted another egg was beginning to peck its beak out of the tiny hole in its shell. While working hard at phonics Class 2 kept a careful eye on the egg! Before the end of the lesson, and several pecks and cheeps later we welcomed chick no. 5!

Pre-lunch arrival!

11:50 - Signs of chick no. 6 begining to hatch could be seen. Just before getting ready for lunch Class 2 gathered around the incubator and watched patiently. They waited, observed, listened and waited, observed and listened.

20 minutes later the little, exhausted chick broke through the egg membrane and flopped onto the incubator floor. It was obviously a very tiring hatch!

During lunch time Miss. Elliott and Miss. Campbell kept a close eye on the eggs and continued to rotate them.

With the excitment of the six arrivals, Class 2 enjoyed spending some of the afternoon naming and handling with the chicks. They even used coloured pens to mark and identify the chicks!

4:30 - Chick no. 7 hatched! After the children left the seventh chick began to hatch and it kept Miss. Campbell, Miss. Elliott and Miss. Little in great suspense. They waited half an hour before it finally made its great escape from its shell! 

Tuesday 7th November 2017

This morning Class 2 cheeped their way into school with great egg'thusiasm!

Class 2's first job was to check if any eggs had hatched! They carefully observed every egg then with the upmost-cheer  saw one egg had a slight crack and a tiny piece of its shell had broken away! Class 2 were egg'tremely happy!

Throughout the day Miss. Elliott kept turning the eggs. This is very important to help the eggs with their growth as its stops them from sticking to their shells.

As the hours passed, Class 2 noticed a tiny crack in one of the eggs was getting larger! The children now had lots of questions they didn't know the answer to, like 'When will our eggs hatch?'

In the afternoon, the year ones and twos were lucky enough to be visitied by Richard the vet. He kindly answered some tricky questions and helped to make chick nests.

By home-time there was two eggs, with pieces of shell missing and little cracks in them! After all the children left Miss. Campbell and Miss. Elliott spent a long while patiently watching the eggs..... but despite all the singing they just weren't quite ready to hatch yet!



Monday 6th November 2017

Class 2 were very egg'cited to receive a very special delivery..... of ten chick eggs!

During lunch time, the eggs were delivered in an incubator. The friendly farmer informed Class 2 that the eggs were in the final stages of growth, around 16 to 19 days.

The farmer helped Class 2 to carefully set up the incubator and the chicken coop. Inside the chicken coop he put a layer of clean straw to provide a comfy bed for the chicks once they hatched. He also put some water in a little bowl and some grit which is the chicks food.

Everyone in Class 2 observed and observed and observed....  listened and listened and listened... waited and waited and waited.   Infact, they spent all day observing, listening and waiting for something to happen!

Then, almost like a magic trick, one egg moved..... then another moved.... then another moved. The children got closer and listened even more carefully for any sounds of movement. With egg'citement in their toes the children stood silenty waiting for  something to happen..... 

The little chicks, however, weren't quite ready to explore the world.....

Friday 6th October 

Arty Fingers

We have been practising our 'sponging' technique... this space!

 :  file (1945.1k)

Thursday 5th October

Library Time

A beautiful 'snap-shot' of some children enjoying our library corner.

They shared books and read to each other beautifully!

Key Stage One trip to Carlisle Castle

Tuesday 12th July 2017

What a wonderful day Class 1 and Class 2 had at the castle and playing at Bitts Park.

We didn't need the raincoats after all!

Little Big Sing


Well done to Class 2 for their wonderful performance.

Dogs Trust


Today Angela and Dan the dog visited school.

We learned how to look after dogs, clean up after them and how to feed them.

Class 2 trip to Silloth



We had a wonderful day treasure hunting on the beach and eating ice cream.

Key Stage 1 - May Procession for Mary


Key Stage 1 had their annual ‘May Procession for Mary’ yesterday.  First, they sang a beautiful song ‘Every Journey’ in the hall and then carried out a short colouring activity accompanied by parents.  We then walked down to the church garden in a long procession and laid flowers at Our Lady Mary’s statue.  Prayers for Mary were said with Father Jerome.  It was a lovely afternoon!

Competition Winner!

Well done to Ann Maria for winning Mr French's target design competition; 

Ann Maria won an archery set and her design made up as a target.

Thursday 23rd March 2017

We have enjoyed making Mother’s Day cards and thinking about our ‘fantastic’ mums.

Monday 13th February 2017

This week is Writer's Week 

We are poetry people!

Craig Bradley, 'That Poetry Bloke' has spent the day with us today celebrating poetry and having fun with words.

Wordsworth Trust poetry morning

Tuesday 24th January 2017

Today Holly Corfield Carr, who is the Clarissa Luard Poet-in-Residence at the Wordsworth Trust, visited Year 1 and 2 to deliver a poetry workshop writing about caves.

Tomorrow we will be using this work to create poems.

Today Santa visited us in Class 2!

Monday 12th December 2016

Class 2 Remembrance Day Assembly

Friday 11.11.16

Thank you to all of the children, you performed brilliantly. 

Basic Skills Sporting Event

Newton Rigg College


Well done to the ten Year 2 children who took part in this event, alongside other  local schools. Everyone won lots of stickers!

Craft Afternoon


This afternoon we have had fun making cards


Geography - Continents


Today we have been tasting foods found on each continent; bananas and melon from South America, tropical fruits from Australia and apples from South Africa. We then made pizzas using ingredients from Europe; sausages from Germany, mozzarella from Italy, peppers from Spain and tomatoes from our school garden.

Welcome back

September 2016

We have had a busy couple of weeks back at school, settling in and working hard.

Tractor Visit

Friday 8.7.16

Today we had a visit from Lloyds Tractors 

We enjoyed sketching and labelling the tractor for our art books

Library Cafe 2016

June - July 2016

Year 2 children have enjoyed taking part in our Library Cafe event.

Where we invite family members to come into school and read with their child, write a book review and enjoy a homemade biscuit and a cuppa.

We ended our project with a visit to Penrith Library. 

Little Big Sing 2016

Monday 4th July

Key Stage 1 children from St. Catherine's Primary, Alston Nenthead Primary, Brunswick Primary, Beaconside Primary and Culgaith Primary all had a wonderful time at our second Little Big Sing concert.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Richardson who organised the whole event and supported by the staff at each school.

Key Stage 1 trip to Walby Farm Park

Thursday 30th June 2016

We have had a wonderful day at Walby and it didn't rain!

It was nice to see Sven the reindeer again; he has even bigger antlers this time!

Wimbledon Morning

Tuesday 28th June 2016

The children of Year 1 and Year 2 have enjoyed learning about the Wimbledon tournament this morning. There was lots to do, with writing activities and a tennis lesson the children were kept very busy.

Father's Day

Sunday 19th June 2016

Dad, you're someone to look up to no matter how tall I've grown. 



Key Stage 1 (years 1 and 2) have been enjoying sessions with Lauren from Razzamataz each Wednesday afternoon.

Parents, staff and children were treated to a performance of "It's a hard knock life" from the musical Annie on Wednesday 25th May.

It was great to see so many children enjoying dancing, acting and performing!

Mary Procession


Key Stage 1 had a lovely afternoon celebrating 'Our Lady Mary' in a May procession.  Their rendition of the song All things Bright and Beautiful was super.

Each child wore their own decorative crown and carried a flower. The procession made its way around into the church garden where the flowers were laid at Mary's altar.

It was lovely to see so many parents and grand-parents enjoying the sunshine and activities.

Exciting P.E!

March 2016

This half term we are learning the art of fencing.

We learned what we have to wear to protect our bodies, the on guard position, how to advance and that the sword is called a foil.


Year of Mercy

We have learned the story of the Prodigal Son and how the father forgave his son.

18th- 22nd January 2016


Our Topic this half term is 'Once Upon a Fairytale'

January 2016

Today we have made beautiful Advent wreaths


This week we have read 'Snowmen at Night' by Caralyn Buehner


Our topic this half term is Darkness and Light

2nd November 2015

After reading The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark, we have enjoyed making a campsite in our play area.

We have been harvesting our garden and Alphin was lucky enough to make a pumpkin soup with mum and dad.

Harvest Assembly

Friday 2nd October 2015

All of the children were fantastic in today's assembly, sharing all they have learned about harvest and singing beautifully.

Afterwards we had a fruit salad with our rainbow of fruits.

Even though the lemons were a little sour! 

Our topic this half term is Emergency!

Today Susie and Christian visited us with their ambulance and paramedic car. We had a fantastic time learning about their job.

Congratulations to the Sport's Day Certificate Winners!

Library Cafe

Friday 10th July 2015

Today we presented the children with their certificates and book reviews.

Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who supported the event.

Little Big Sing

Monday 6th July 2015 

Class 2 were amazing at the Little Big Sing Concert at the Methodist Centre.

A huge thank you to Mrs Richardson who organised the whole event! 

Animal masks for the Haydock Centre Fete

Summer 2015

Our topic this half term is the seaside.

We had a wonderful day at Silloth.

Monday 29th June 2015

Clown Dance

8th May 2015


This afternoon we were very excited to have a dance teacher in school.

We learned a clown dance.

We hope that our mums like their cards

We have created safari pictures

Spring 2015

Our topic this term is Africa

We have made lovely Valentine's Day cards

We have really enjoyed our gymnastics lessons at Penrith Leisure Centre

September - October 2014

To end our castle topic we had a competition to build the strongest castle.


We had a fantastic trip to Carlisle castle


Our Library Cafe has been a great success!

Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and helpers that gave their support.

June - July 2014

In Literacy we have been writing instructions

We prepared sandwiches for an in-flight meal in our little silver aeroplane.

Today we went on a leaf hunt

We are Leaf Detectives!


Key Stage One Hawes End trip

We had an amazing day!


Today we had a visit from the RSPB

May 2014

We have enjoyed P.E. at UCC

Spring Term 2014

We have been exploring how the character of Duffy was feeling throughout the story 'Green Light for Little Red Train'.


In R.E. we have been writing about why we are important

We have created Farm pictures using pastels.

We have made Alien Art

Our Science Walk to Thacka Beck - 1st July 2013

We were visited by some 'super cute' chicks

Friday 21st June 2013

Our Trip to Walby Farm Park - Monday 24th June 2013

What a happy class!