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20th July 19
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Year 3 - Light and Shadows


Year 3 have been learning about 'Light and Shadows' during their Science lessons.  They have been carrying out lots of experiments to see if light really does travel in straight lines.



Christmas Cookies


The children baked Christmas cookies this week.  The children read the recipe and measured out the correct ingredients working in small teams.

They got to ice their biscuits in class.  What a lovely, sticky mess!

The Secret Garden


Key Stage 2 enjoyed a visit to Theatre by the Lake to see 'The Secret Garden' written by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

The children in Class 3 were so enthused after watching the play that they wanted to plan and rewrite their own Secret Garden stories.

Have a look in Class 3 at the beautiful display of art work and stories!


World War II


Class 3 children have enjoyed learning about all aspects of World War II.  They have produced some lovely pieces of work such as evacuee letters, Haiku and acrostic poetry, non chronological reports and labels.

The children relished making war time biscuits from a 'rationing' recipe.  


Art Workshop June 

Well done to the children from Class 3 who attended the art workshop in June. We have received their fantastic vases!

November 2017

Thanks to everyone who came to join us sharing our learning about Remembrance in our assembly.

Year 4 Library Cafe

June-July 2017

Thanks to all the parents who have joined us at our Library Cafe. We loved sharing our classroom and time reading with you. We also enjoyed a trip to the library in Penrith to enjoy stories and find out how to find different types of books. 

Gifted and Talented Art Day - UCC


Wednesday 21st June 2017

Cumbria Music Hub Workshop 

This morning KS2 children were lucky enough to enjoy a live performance from Cumbria Music Hub.

The live performance was based upon the 'carnaval des animaux'  by Camille Saint-Saens. The music reflected a suite of musical sketches, which interpreted animal behaviour and characteristics. The children were taken on a journey from Planet Katen to Earth exploring a range of animals on their mission. 

Instruments included: the keyboard, played by Rachel Stanbrook; flute, played by Slyvie Heath; clarinet, by Jemma Knaggs and the Bassoon played by Catherine Scott. 


Writing Project


Class 3 were joined by Dave and Jodie, from the Wildlife trust for the next part of their in series writing. The children became professional writers, sharing their drafts and self-editing their writing to music! 

    Monday 27th March 2017


    Remembrance of the Battle of the Somme Arts Project

    Class 3 were joined by two ladies from Prism Arts, who are part of the 'Project in Partnership Cumbria Museum of Military Life'.

    The children have worked hard to produce fantastic collage-masks, primarily based on propaganda posters used during WW1.

    We were also inspired by the art work of Paul Nash, who was one of the most famous WW1 artists. The children experimented with pastels to recreate their own abstract pieces.

    We look forward to seeing Class 3's magnificent art pieces on display in the Carlisle Exhibition Library.

    Year 4 Dance performance

    Thursday 23rd March

    Well done Year 4, you did a fabulous performance of your dance for the school and your parents this afternoon!

    Watch out Britian's Got Talent!

    U-Dance 2017 Workshop :  file (1913.1k)

    We are all exceptionally proud of our children who performed in the U-Dance Workshop at The Sands Centre, Carlisle.

    Upon arrival we were absolutely delighted to see a brilliant, detailed illustration printed on the front cover of the U-Dance program! This was drawn by one of our children! Rhys won a competition to have his picture printed on the front of all the programs! Fabulous! What a superb start to our day!

    Prior to the performance day the children had worked hard to choreograph their dance routine. We left school at 2pm, and were able to find time for a quick rehersal, some final hair touches and lunch Sweets and sugary snacks too of course).

    At 7pm the children took to the stage and performed their delightful dance which excelled enthusiasm, echoed energy and shone with streams of smiles. Well done everyone!

    ITV Border News 

    Monday 6th Ferbruary 2017

    Class 3 made it onto the news today! We had a great time visiting the archaeological dig at Salkeld Rd and finding out about Roman life a long time ago.

    Salkeld Road Archaeological Dig

    Friday 2nd February 2017

    Class 3 had a wonderful time exploring the Roman road which has been discovered recently. We looked at artefacts that have been discovered at the site and met an archaeologist too. We even had a go with a metal detector! Thanks Story Homes.

    Eycott Hill Story Project Day 2

    Friday 27th January 2017

    We enjoyed having Dave, Jody and Izzy with us again to do some collaborative writing based on our trip to Eycott Hill. The story is coming together! Watch this space to find out the next stage in our Eycott adventure.

    January 27th 2017

    Well done Class 3 for earning your swimming awards. We are very proud of all your achievements.

    January 2017

    Class 3 are loving learning about the sport of La Crosse every week.

    December 15th 2016

    Eycott Hill Writing project with Cumbria Wildlife Trust

    Class 3 had a wonderful day exploring the Nature Reserve at Eycott Hill with Dave the author and Jody from the Wildlife Trust. We found out about its volcanic origins and then ignited our imaginations exploring the reserve making up our own mythical creatures and stories. We got warm in Mungrisdale Village Hall where we wrote our stories and illustrated our characters. These stories and characters will be revisited again in the new year in the next stage of the project. Watch out for the Rock Giant in 2017!

    Armistice Day Friday 11th November 2016

    The Commemorative Project

    Well done to everyone in Year 3 and 4 who participated in the final part of 'The Somme100 Schools Project', with Cumbria's Musuem of Military Life.

    The Commemorative Project took place at Carlisle Castle and it was moving to hear Class 3 perform their own composition, 'At the Railway Station'. It was fantastic to see several schools across cumbria joining in too!

    Class 3 Assembly Friday 4th November

    We enjoyed sharing our work on All Saints Day with everyone this afternoon.

    Friday 4th November 2016

    Some of Year 4 and 5 have been writing Non-fiction texts about giants alongside our literacy work on the B.F.G. They shared their work with their friends this morning.

    Remembrance Project with Cumbria Museum of Military Life

    September 27th 2016

    Jules from CMML came in to share some WW1 artefacts with us. We enjoyed exploring the artefacts and learning about what life was like for soldiers in WW1.

    Cycle Safety Presentation

    July 19th 2016

    Well done to everyone in Year 3 who completed their Bike Safety course with Miss Monaghan.

    You will be ready to earn your Bikeability Awards in Class 4 soon!

    U-Dance workshop

    Friday July 15th 2016

    Debbie from U-Dance came to do a dance workshop with us in Class 3. We celebrated the Rio Olympics in dance and performed it to the rest of the school. 

    Year 4 Library Cafe

    Friday 8th July 2016

    Well done to everyone in Year 4 for being so enthusiastic about library cafe this term.

    You deserve these certificates!

    Art in the Museum 

    Workshop at Penrith Museum Tuesday 4th July 2016

    We had a wonderful afternoon exploring the exhibits in our local museum and finding out about different art techniques. Thanks to Penrith Museum for having us.

    Year 4 Library Cafe visit to Penrith Library

    Tuesday 28th June 2016

    Thanks to all family members who came to enjoy the final Reading Cafe event with us. Some of us were visiting the library for the first time and some of us signed up for library cards too! Heres to a summer full of reading fun!

    Thanks to Penrith Library for our tour and story sessions.

    Bikeability Level 1

    w/b 27th June 2016

    Well done for everyone for riding your bikes so safely!

    Class 3's Museum 

    Friday 24th June 2016

    Thank you to everyone who came to our South American museum afternoon. We enjoyed sharing our work about the Maya and our literacy based on The Chocolate Tree with you. We especially enjoyed presenting what we have been doing and singing our South American song. What a great afternoon spent chatting about all the exciting things that have been going on in Class 3 this term!

    Whinlatter Trip

    June 13th 2016

    We had a wonderful day at Whinlatter finishing our work on trees, we learned about the forest habitats, forestry and forest food chains.

    Class 3 Assembly Friday 10th June 2016

    Class 3 have celebrated the Queen's 90th Birthday in their Class Assembly.

    Happy Birthday your Majesty.

    Have a look at the Powerpoint about the Queen used in Assembly by Robert and Holly

      Tackling Numbers Assembly

      Friday 27th May 2016

      Thanks to Keith for the fantastic Tackling Numbers in Rugby programme that Class 3 have enjoyed this half term which culminated with our celebration assembly today. We have learned lots about maths as well as Rugby! All certificates and work completed are coming home today as well as some maths hints and tips (homework) for parents. (It's attached below so no excuse!)

      Tag Rugby Festival 

      Wednesday 25th May 2016

      Well done to our Tag Rugby teams who took part in our Inter-schools Tag Rugby Festival this week. They all had a ball! Thanks to all the other schools for coming!

      A visit from the Bishop of Lancaster, Bishop Michael

      Monday 18th April 2016

      What a wonderful morning we had with Bishop Michael. He visited us in school and even came into Class. He answered all our questions and told us all about his Coat of Arms. We presented him with our Class anthology of poems which we wrote for him. 

      Action Ants with Mr French April - May 2016

      Class 3 are going to have an exciting half term with Mr French doing lots of different sports. We will be trying archery, athletics, fencing and lots more.

      Rugby with Keith from Newcastle Falcons

      April-May 2016

      Class 3 are very lucky this half term. Keith is teaching them maths related to the new National Curriculum 2014 objectives. After their maths lesson each week they go out onto the field to learn rugby skills too! Keith is leading an assembly on Friday 27th May for parents so we can share what we have been learning.

      Year 3 U-Dance performance

      Friday 18th March 2016

      The Sands Centre, Carlisle

      Well done to Year 3, you performed your dance fantastically well.

      We are all very proud of you.

      Year 4 Dance Assembly

      Friday 18th March 2016

      Well done to Year 4 for choreographing and performing their dance 'The Iron Man.' They told the story by Ted Hughes which we have been reading in Class.

      Razamatazz Workshop Monday 26th January 2016

      Thank You Lauren from Razz, Penrith for coming in to help us with our dancing this term. We really enjoyed ourselves, hopefully it will help us in our performances after half term. 

      Chocolate Rocks!

      This half term (Spring 1) we are learning about Rocks and Soils in our science lessons. This week have been investigating sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks by making chocolate rocks. Well done Class 3

      Class 3 attended Mass on Wednesday 6th January

      We celebrated the Feast of Epiphany

      Christmas Jumper Day in Class 3

      Don't we all look Christmassy!

      Swimming Awards

      Well done to all our swimming award winners in Class 3.

      Class 3 clay

      This year we have been learning clay modelling skills in DT. We practised skills with plasticine and have made nativity scenes for Christmas. We have also made tree decorations and used press print to enhance them with decoration.

      We enjoyed it so much we forgot to take photos so here are some snapshots to whet your appetite before they come back from the Kiln. We can't wait to see them!

      Well done Class 3.

      Class 3 Assembly

      13th November 2015

      Traders and Raiders

      Thank you to everyone who came.

      Year 3 Badminton

      November - December 2015

      November 2015

      Visulaising, building and describing 3-d shapes 

      Yes they are jelly beans and cocktail sticks! 

      November 11th 2015

      Class 3 attended the dedication of the Remembrance Garden in St Andrew's Churchyward and the observance of the two minutes silence.

      We also got to meet a veteran!


      Didn't we have a lovely day, the day we went to Keswick!

      Thank you to the Friends of Milburn for the wonderful treat!

      Well done Y4 on your Library Cafe!

      Congratulations to the Sport's Day Certificate Winners!

      Class 3's animal masks for St Catherine's Fete

      July 2015

      Class 3 had a wonderful Day At Beamish Museum

      June 2015

      Bikeability Level 1 Year 4

      May 2015

      Well done Year 4!

      Planting trees and plants at Thacka Beck with Penrith Lions and Cumbria Wildlife Trust

      April - May 2015

      Come and see our Penrith Pop art

      Based on Andy Warhol we designed our own press print of a Penrith building.

      Year 4's wonderful dance assembly

      Peter and the Wolf 

      U-Dance at the Sands Centre

      What a fabulous time on the big stage!

      Our tennis stars

      Representing our school in the competition against other local schools.

      Badminton with Ben from Eden Valley Sports Partnership

      Tennis skills with Lucy from Eden Valley Sports Partnership

      Feb-March 2015

      Instructions February 2015

      We have been learning about instructions and explanations.

      We even had children bring in instructions to test!

      What a volcano explosion!

      Link with Malaysia

      We have written letters to a Class in a school in Kuala Lumpur, we are excited to receive replies from new frinds in Mr Boyle's Class.

      We are hoping to learn more about Asia during our link. 
      Watch this space for news!


      DT skills December 2014

      This year we made Christmas pockets to put on our Christmas trees practising sewing buttons and beads. We also made snowflake Chrtismas cards using threading skills. 

      Happy Christmas everyone.

      St Catherine's Parish travelling crib visit December 2014

      Class 3 enjoyed playing with the Parish travelling crib this Advent season.

      Armistice Day 2014

      We represented everyone at St Catherine's  by attending the two minute silence service at St Andrews,  Penrith 

      Poetry on the Playground

      November 10th 2014

      Sharing the poetry of World War One with everyone in school.

      Trip to Gosling Sike Farm and Cumbria Museum of Military life

      4th November 2014

      In the morning we made our own lunch with a WW1 recipe, learned about the Home Front during WW1 and fed chickens. In the afternoon some of us dressed as a WW1 soldier and we found out about life in the trenches for the soldiers. 

      What a great day!

      La Crosse

      September - November 2014

      Acorn Bank trip

      June 2104

      We made mallets and whistles, built fires, built shelters and found out about the habitat in the woodlands

      March 10th 2014

      Tree Whisperers Trip

      We began our new topic by visiting Carlisle Records Office to learn about the importance of trees in Cumbria. We visited the archives and looked at very old records of how wood has been used and processed in Cumbria.

      It was a great opportunity to learn new history skills!

      Class 3 Open Afternoon 12th February 2014

      We are proud of our work on Antarctica and Ice Trap.

      Thanks for coming to share in it everyone!

      Class 3 are presented with their well earned swimming certificates.

      Well Done everyone!

      Football skills with Matt from the FA!

      Jan-Feb 2014

      D&T Skills: Sewing felt, buttons and bells.

      We have made Christmas tree decorations into cards. We hope you like them!

      Maths skills: Tesselation

      Making christmas wrapping paper.

      Golf November-December 2013

      We are learning new skills used in the game of golf such as control.

      Class 3 represented all of us at St Catherine's at the two minute silence on Remembrance Day, November 11th.

      Graham has been teaching us Rugby. September-October 2013.

      UCC PE Leader students came to do PE with us! October 2013

      Class 3 have visited Gosling Sike Farm.

      We were learning about where our food comes from, we gathered, prepared, cooked and ate our own lunch!

      We have been writing newspaper reports about our trip. Click below to read our reports.

      Our trip to Keswick, June 2013. Click to see the next photo.