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19th November 19
Trail : home : Heidi St. Catherine's School Dog

Heidi is loving the snow on the school playground!

On New Years Eve, we celebrated Heidi's 1st Birthday, as that was the day we met her for the first time.


Heidi had a good run out in the fields and some special snacks which she devoured! She also had a new toy which she hasnt quite dismantled yet.

Heidi tried really hard to stay up for the Midnight Chimes but even the fireworks couldn't disturb her sleep.

Heidi saw snow for the first time and she loved it!!


We have a Christmas tradition in our house - whoever is in the house at 8pm on Christmas Eve, has their photo taken under the Christmas Tree. Martha was thrilled to have Heidi with her for the first time! 

Heidi has been very good and hasnt touched any of the presents under the tree, even those with snacks especially for her! She did, however, enjoy tearing open her presents on Christmas morning!

This is Heidi's very first Christmas and she would like to say a big 'Thank You Woof' for all of the lovely cards and presents she has received!

Heidi has been on her very first holiday. She loved the woodlands and beaches of Dumfries and ended every day stretched out in front of the fire.

It's a Dog's Life!

Mrs. Hill has been out on Diocesan duties this week. But Heidi has been keeping a close eye on Class 5!

Heidi |
Heidi : Adobe Acrobat file (2202.5k)

Class 4 have been, busily, writing non chronological reports about School dogs and Heidi.

Please read them and let us know what you think!

Click on the image above to meet our new recruit!

Welcome to St. Catherine's, Heidi!


Heidi joined our school on Monday 23rd January aged just 8 weeks old.

When she first arrived she had great fun exploring the office and meeting the staff. Later on, Mrs Hill took her into assembly in her special carrier. The children sat so quietly when she was introduced and Heidi was very excited to meet them, Mrs Hill had to hold on tight to stop her from joining in the Chinese New Year celebrations.

After all that excitement, Heidi snuggled down for a 2 hour nap! The dinner ladies didn't know she was fast asleep in the office when they came into work.

After some lunch, Miss Ashby took Heidi for some fresh air and a play over at the car park; when Heidi is bigger we will be able to go for longer walks. Miss Davies came in to play tug of war with the sausages and by the time Mrs Hill had made a cup of tea, it was time for another nap!

It's hard work being a puppy!